ADS - Application Development Services


Application Name Description
ACS Software Request ACS Software Request
Budget Authority Maintenance Application Budget Authority Maintenance Application
Cable Plant Cable Plant
Career Action Center EdCC Career Action Center Jobs Tracking
Change Log Tracking EdCC Change Log Tracking
Course Challenge & Special Projects PLA - Course Challenge Request and Special Projects Request Forms
DIRT Data and Information Request Tracking (DIRT) is the college's system to request data and to track all data requests
Employee Directory Edmonds Community College employee directory
Employee Directory Duplicating Request Employee Directory Duplicating Request
FAIS - Information Session Financial Aid Information Session
GATE - Graduation Survey GATE - Graduation Survey
Google Provisioninig Google Provisioninig
Graduation Application & Transcript Evaluation GATE- Graduation Application & Transcript Evaluation
ISS Student Tracking Application ISS Student Tracking Application
New Student Orientation New Student Orientation
Student Employee PIN Lookup Student Employee PIN Lookup
Student Enrollment Services Support Request ESSR - Student Enrollment Services Support Request
Student Financial Services Support Request FASR - Student Financial Services Support Request
Student Pin Lookup Student Pin Lookup
Student Program Change Report Student Program Change Report
Syllabi Upload Syllabi Upload
T&E Time and Effort
Training Tracker All employees are now able to view all classes taken with ODET, add classes taken elsewhere, check Compliance Training