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17-18 Consortium Agreement – Financial Aid
 Student Name     Last:      First:      M.I.: 
 Student ID Number:    --   Birthdate:  //   MM/DD/YYYY
   Social Security Number: --
  Financial aid students may need or want to take classes at a second (Host) institution while working on their degree here at Edmonds Community College (Home Institution). A Consortium Agreement allows the credits taken at the host institution to count towards the total needed to maintain financial aid eligibility at Edmonds Community College.
Approval is based on a student meeting the following conditions:
  • The credits taken at the host institution must be required for the degree the student is currently working on at Edmonds Community College.
  • Financial aid has not been awarded at the host institution – students cannot receive aid from two schools during the same or overlapping periods of enrollment.
  • Enrollment (the number of credits to be taken) at both institutions must be finalized by the fifth day of the quarter at Edmonds Community College. Awards cannot be increased or decreased after the fifth day of the quarter – this is the college’s census date.
  • Obtain approval (complete this form and submit all required documents) prior to the end of the fifth day of the quarter at Edmonds Community College.
To be considered for approval of a Consortium Agreement complete this form and follow these steps:
  • Obtain an Edmonds Community College Academic Advisor’s signature on your Program Requirement Sheet indicating where the class(es) fits into your degree program. Appointments with Academic Advisors can be made by calling 425-640-1458.
  • Register for, and submit a printout of the classes to be taken at Edmonds Community College and the host institution.
  • Have a financial aid officer at the host institution sign this form. Please Note: Most Financial Aid offices will take this form and send it directly to the Edmonds Community College Financial Aid Office. Make a copy of this form to submit with your other required documents.
  • You are responsible for paying your tuition at the host institution. Edmonds Community College will not send your funds to the host institution to pay your tuition, nor are we able to approve a delay of payment of your tuition at the host institution.
 Name of Institution (Host Institution) you wish to attend: 
 Host Institution Student ID Number: 
 Indicate the quarter you want the Consortium Agreement for - Consortium Agreement are approved one quarter at a time:
  Summer 2017   Fall 2017   Winter 2018   Spring 2018
 (July – August)  (Sept. – Dec.)  (Jan. – March)  (April – June)
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