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17-18 Information Change – Financial Aid
 Student Name     Last:      First:      M.I.: 
 Student ID Number:    --   Birthdate:  //   MM/DD/YYYY
   Social Security Number: --
 Change in Credits: 
 Most financial aid students are awarded for full-time enrollment, which is 12 or more credits each quarter. Complete this section if you plan to take less than 12 credits, or if you were awarded for part-time enrollment, and you plan to increase your credits (loans require at least 6 credits per quarter). Provide the number of credits you plan to take in the specific quarter below. Submit any changes to enrollment at least 1 week before the quarter you are changing begins or funds may be delayed.
Please Note:
  1. Classes must be required for your program to be funded by Financial Aid.
  2. You must finalize your schedule by the 5th day of each quarter.
  3. Adjustments to Federal or State grant/loan awards cannot be made after the 5th day, even if you add or drop classes, regardless of the reason.
  4. Increases to awards will be based on availability of funds.
# of Credits, Summer 2017 # of Credits, Fall 2017 # of Credits, Winter 2018 # of Credits, Spring 2018
 Cancel Aid: 
Type of aid you would like to cancel:     Workstudy   Loans   Grants   All Aid
 Check the quarter/s you do not want the type of aid you indicated above.
  Summer 2017   Fall 2017   Winter 2018   Spring 2018
 Request for Student Loan: 
    I would like to increase my 2017-18 academic year loan to: $    OR,
     I am requesting a loan in the amount of: $ 
 The date I expect to graduate from Edmonds Community College    MM/DD/YYYY
 We process loans under the federal Direct Loan Program. If this is your first Direct Loan, you must complete an online Entrance Loan Counseling and you must sign a Master Promissory Note with your FSA ID*. To learn more about Direct loans and to complete these two requirements, go to
*This was used to sign your FAFSA. For information about your FSA ID, go to
 Change of Program: 
  New Program  (code)   (name)
 I completed the previous degree or certificate I declared?     Yes     No 
 I have  credits remaining to complete this new program.
 The date I expect to graduate from Edmonds Community College    MM/DD/YYYY
 Note: You will be notified if you are still eligible for Financial Aid based on your change of program.  
 Other Circumstances: 
 (use this space to document other situations or to provide an explanation needed for your file):

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