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21-22 Loan Request
 Student Name     Last:      First:      M.I.: 
 ctcLink ID Number:    --   Birthdate:  //   MM/DD/YYYY
   Social Security Number: --
 Direct Loans are provided, in addition to grants that you may qualify for, to help cover your cost of attendance (COA). The loans are guaranteed through the Department of Education and are not based on your credit score or credit worthiness, nor do they require a co-signer.
Types of Direct Loans
  1. Subsidized are need-based loans that are interest free while you are attending school. Once you graduate and go into repayment you will begin accruing interest.
  2. Unsubsidized are interest bearing loans that begin accruing interest once they are disbursed.
You can find out more information about the Direct Loan program on our website at or at
Loan Conditions
  1. Enrollment in at least 6 credits per quarter, towards a degree at Edmonds, is required to qualify for the loan disbursement each quarter. We cannot certify a loan after you have stopped attending. All loans must be certified while you are enrolled.
  2. First time borrowers that are in the first year of their program must wait 30 days into the first quarter of attendance for the first loan disbursement. You will be held in your classes until the loans can be applied to your tuition.
  3. One quarter loans are required to be split into two disbursements. One at the beginning of the quarter (or 30 day) and another at mid-point of the quarter.
  4. Less than 3 quarters in the academic year require a proration of the loan amount. We cannot certify the full annual amount if you are attending less than 3 quarters within the academic year.
  5. Budget limits - Loans, in addition to other financial aid cannot exceed the cost of attendance budget .
Loan Limits
Direct Loan Type Dependent
- 1st Year
- 2nd Year
- 1st Year
- 2nd Year
Bachelor Program
3rd & 4th Year
Subsidized 3500 4500 3500 4500 5500
Unsubsidized 2000 2000 6000 6000 7000
Total Annual Maximum* 5500 6500 9500 10,500 12,500
*You may be able to receive the full annual loan amount in unsubsidized loan if you do not have enough need or do not qualify for subsidized loans due to subsidized usage rules (SULA).
Loan Requirements
Complete online at Go to "COMPLETE AID PROCESS" to select each item. Loans cannot be certified until all of these requirements have been completed.
 Master Promissory Note (MPN) on File (unexpired)
 Entrance Loan Counseling Completed
Loan Request
Loans will automatically be split equally between each quarter you plan to attend up to the maximum you qualify for.
Quarters you plan to attend at least 6 credits:
Summer 2021 Fall 2021 Winter 2022 Spring 2022
Amount to Borrow for the Academic Year:
Expected Graduation Date from Edmonds MM/DD/YYYY
Loan Requirements
I agree that I am requesting a loan and understand that this must be paid back once I leave school. I also understand that I may cancel loans that have not been disbursed to me at any time. Once they have been disbursed to my tuition or directly to me I understand that I am responsible for the repayment according to the Master Promissory Note I signed.
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