21-22 Maximum Time Frame Appeal Guidelines – Financial Aid
 Once you reach the maximum number of credits attempted for your degree, you are no longer eligible for Federal Grants or Loans, or institutional funds. The Maximum Time Frame Appeal must be submitted once you reach that credit limit. Federal Aid is limited to 150% of the credits required for your degree or certificate. The Financial Aid Office will notify you if you are required to complete the appeal process and you can view your current Satisfactory Academic Progress status in the Financial Aid tile.
 Although meeting with an advisor is not required, we strongly encourage you to meet with an advisor to develop the required academic plan. Below are some guidelines that you need to consider when completing the appeal process.
Funding Guidelines
 To receive financial aid you must choose a degree or certificate that is offered at Edmonds College. Keep in mind the following:
  • The college has a program requirement sheet for every degree and certificate we offer, which lists all the classes required.
  • Financial Aid can only fund you for classes required for your degree or certificate.
  • You receive aid based on taking required classes. Taking classes that are not required may result in cancellation of your aid or denial of an appeal.
  • Financial aid can pay for prerequisite classes, which are classes you must take before you take a required class for your degree or certificate. (up to 45 credits)
  • Financial Aid will only fund one program at a time.
Funding Credit Limits
There are limits on the number of college level (100 level or above) credits you can attempt and still receive financial aid. You are expected to complete your program within the number of credits required to complete your degree. Federal aid limits you to 150% of the credits you need to complete your degree or certificate, which allows for pre-requisites.
  • We count all college level credits (100 level and above) listed on your transcript, even if you are working on a new degree, or did not receive financial aid for some or all of the classes listed.
  • If you have already completed a program, we will take that into consideration when counting your credits attempted for your current program.
  • We count completed classes as well as those that have grades of W, V, I, N, U, X, R, 0.0 posted to your transcript.
  • We also count classes you have officially transferred from another school.
Academic Training Plan & Advising Information
  • A completed academic plan is required to be submitted with your appeal.
  • The academic plan should outline all of the classes you have remaining to complete your current degree or certificate. Incomplete plans will not be approved and you will be required to resubmit.
  • You are not required to meet with an advisor or have your plan signed by an advisor, unless directed to do so. However, meeting with an advisor allows you to make sure you understand the degree requirements and are on track to graduate.
  • Academic Advising Office – www.edmonds.edu/advising. You can also meet with a faculty advisor in your area of study by contacting the department or the faculty member.
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