17-18 Maximum Time Frame Appeal Checklist – Financial Aid
 Complete the attached Financial Aid Maximum Time Frame Appeal ONLY if you received a letter from our office asking you to do so for the 2017-18 academic year.
Funding Guidelines
 To receive financial aid you must choose a degree or certificate that is offered at Edmonds Community College. Keep in mind the following:
  • The college has a Program Requirement Sheet for every degree and certificate we offer. The Program Requirement Sheet lists all the classes required for your degree or certificate.
  • While receiving financial aid, only take classes you need to complete your degree or certificate. Financial aid can only pay for required classes.
  • You receive aid based on taking required classes. Taking classes that are not required may result in cancellation of your aid.
  • Financial aid can pay for prerequisite classes (classes you must take before you take a required class for your degree or certificate).
  • Financial aid will pay for up to a combined 45 credits of below 100 level classes and pre–requisites 100 level and above for required courses.
  • There are limits to the number of degrees we can fund. Please note, you may work on only one program at a time.
Funding Credit Limits
There are limits on the number of college level credits you can have on your transcript and still receive financial aid. You are required to complete this Maximum Time Frame Appeal once you reach 150% (Federal) or 125% (State) of the credits you need to complete your degree or certificate. For more information about our Satisfactory Academic Progress - Maximum Time Frame Policy, go to www.edcc.edu/finaid.
  • We count all college level credits (100 level and above) listed on your transcript, even if you are working on a new degree, or did not receive financial aid for some or all of the classes listed.
  • We count classes that have grades of W, V, I, N, U, X, R, 0.0
  • We also count classes you may have transferred from another school.
Academic Training Plan & Advising Information
  • Academic Plans can be found on our forms page . You must submit this plan with your appeal or it will not be reviewed.
  • Meet with an advisor if you need help with the Academic Plan. This plan will outline all of the classes you have remaining to complete your current degree or certificate.
  • You can contact the Academic Advising Office at 425-640-1458, advising@edcc.edu, or visit the Advising Resource Center on the first floor of Lynnwood Hall.
  • You are not required to meet with an advisor unless we sent you a letter stating your plan must be signed by an advisor, but it is highly recommended. Meeting with an advisor allows you to make sure you understand the degree requirements and are on track to graduate.
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