Academic Success Plan
  • Complete this petition either to request reinstatement of your Financial Aid, Scholarship, Veterans’ Benefits, or other Campus Support Program Funds, or to request reconsideration of the College’s denial of financial aid due to prior deficient academic performance.
  • Submit this petition, and all required documentation within seven days after a notification of cancellation or termination of funding. For for those that have been place on ineligible status, you may petition once you successfully demonstrate that you are once again making SAP using your own resources.
  • Petitions generally take two weeks to review. Petitions for the current quarter will be reviewed after grades have been posted to student transcripts. However, you will need to be prepared to purchase your books until a decision has been made.
  • If you have missed the deadline to submit the petition for the current quarter, you will need to be prepared to pay tuition and purchase your books.
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