Do not print the form and fill it out by hand.  

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After you print and sign the form, bring the form to your Human Resources office for signature. Then submit the completed form, along with instructor´s permission, to , OR bring them to the Enrollment Services office on the first floor of Lynnwood Hall, OR mail the form to: 
Enrollment Services 
Edmonds Community College 
20000 68th Ave W 
Lynnwood, WA 98036 

Employee Tuition Waiver Request 
 Student Name     Last: (Surname):      First:      M.I.: 
 ctcLink ID Number:    -- Help  Birthdate:  //   MM/DD/YYYY
 Term:    Help  Social Security Number: -- Optional
 Edmonds Community College Employees Only
Note: If you are employed at another state agency or institution, please go to your own Human Resources Office to obtain verification of your employment. DO NOT USE THIS FORM IF YOU ARE NOT AN EDMONDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE EMPLOYEE.
Step 1: Take this form to the Human Resources Office to obtain a signature indicating you are an employee who is eligible for the tuition waiver benefit.
  • You are eligible for the tuition waiver if you are a permanent employee employed half-time or more in classified service, an administrative/exempt position, or a faculty position as defined in RCW 28B.15.558.
  • Employees who are eligible for the tuition waiver benefit take classes on a space available basis.
  • If you are taking a class during your scheduled work time, you must obtain permission from your supervisor. An adjustment to your schedule may be required, or you may need approved release time to attend classes. Classified employees who are denied release time may appeal the decision in writing to the personnel officer in accordance with the classified negotiated agreement.
Step 2: Bring this signed form to the Enrollment Services counter, along with your completed registration form.
  • Your instructor must sign your registration form, or you must attach an email from your instructor indicating you have permission to register for class/es on a space available basis.
  • Forms are not accepted prior to the first day of the quarter.
  • If you register yourself prior to the first day of the quarter, and without this form, you forfeit your ability to use the Employee Tuition Waiver benefit.
 Step 3:Pay $25, plus other fees at the Cashier’s Office.
 Printed Name of Human Resources Representative: ___________________________________________
 Signature of Human Resources Representative: _____________________________   Date: _____________
Note: Employees must obtain a new form each quarter. Forms dated more than ten days prior to the start of a quarter are not accepted.
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